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.GLOBAL - A Borderless Strategy

.GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signalling your multinational business operations. A strong and important message for organizations of all sizes who aim to transact on a global platform. .GLOBAL is a new Top-Level Domain that positions you internationally.

Example: and email [email protected]


.GLOBAL gives organizations large and small a name that broadcasts and identifies them as global entities, operating on a universal scale. .GLOBAL takes the top position in a business domain hierarchy unifying all geographic and sub-TLDs under one global umbrella for the ultimate universal coverage. .GLOBAL offers a trusted space entirely dedicated to existing and aspiring brands that aim to reach a market that transcends geographic and commercial borders.

.GLOBAL renders geographical boundaries as meaningless. Boundaries mean nothing when we’re talking about the planet. Here is an opportunity for businesses to elevate and strategize to a higher level. Many businesses operate from a .COM .NET or .ORG address, but to add and communicate meaning and real innovation to your brand, think bigger, think globally - if not today then prepare for tomorrow.

dot GLOBAL Brand

.GLOBAL for Brands

A clearly defined name path for all brands who wish to demonstrate a global presence, or promote global services and products. Most brands already call their website ‘Global’ when communicating with their audience.

Example: or

.GLOBAL for Generic names

Owning a major generic name is extremely beneficial when considering the international audience appeal and as the new .Global registry opens for business with an vast amount of new name generic opportunities.

Example:, or

dot GLOBAL Generic
dot GLOBAL community

.GLOBAL for Communities

With a .GLOBAL domain, you are creating global communities comprised of multi-national audiences who all have the same ambition - to be global. Ideal for creating new communities, or indeed for existing thriving communities.

Example:, or

.GLOBAL Tentative Timeline

The launch of new Top-Level-Domains occurs in phases. See more information below about what and when.

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Key Team Members

Dot GLOBAL consists of a team of professionals with extensive industry experience, including ICANN policy and involvement, Registrar services, online technology and related services.

Our goal is to develop the .GLOBAL Top-Level Domain into the No.1 alternative to .com for businesses and trademark owners. We believe .GLOBAL will prove of great importance to innovative businesses and organisations worldwide, providing them with new opportunities for how they name themselves and their products and services.


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